Cultures of China, Festival of Spring

8:00 pm


Convention Centre Dublin

North Wall Quay

Dublin 1

Sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Afairs Office (OCAO) of China’s State Council and the China Overseas Exchanges Association (COEA), Cultures of China, Festival of Spring presents art performances overseas during the Chinese Lunar New Year bringing the spirit of unity, harmony and peace to wherever it goes.

On Wednesday 1st February, at 8 pm, the troupe will give its debut performance in the Convention Centre Dublin providing a perfect occasion for Chinese communities and Irish friends to jointly celebrate the Year of Dragon. The troupe, consisting of nearly 30 famous artists from Beijing and Shanghai, will represent various art fields including Peking Opera, dance, vocal music, folk music, magic and acrobatics. This gala night will be a highlight in the Dublin Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations.

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